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Okay, you have good money invested in your coach. You've traveled hundreds of miles to see a new and exciting place and you are just settling in. You have tethered your motor home to the campsite with water hoses, sewer hoses, electrical connections, cable TV and phone line. Then there is the extended awning, the carpet by the steps, and numerous camp chairs. You have set up your Sunguard Windscreen Covers (we consider this to be essential to every RV owner) and now to relax...

Your partner suddenly says you really need a quart of milk and a box of sugar. Yikes! Now you see the benefits of having your vehicle available so you can run to the corner store.

Towing a vehicle is not very difficult but it is one aspect of the RV lifestyle you won't want to skimp on in terms of quality or safety. We carry the finest in towing equipment. The products in this catagory will provide you with secure ways to tow your automobile and to protect it from damage.

Towing Made Easy
RV Tow Bars
Towing Accessories
Tow Car Protection
Safety Cables
Tow Dolly / Dollies

Proportional Towed Car
Braking System

This item is essential to anyone who tows a vehicle behind their RV. A "smart chip" senses your motorhome's rate of deceleration and signals a magnetic valve to release a proportionate amount of air; resulting in your towed car braking in proportion to your motorhome.
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Falcon 2™ Tow Bar
The Falcon 2™ has all the best features of the original Falcon (5250) including Roadmaster’s Autowlok® System, which allows independent adjustment of each arm during hookup and safely locks the arms into position as you drive away, creating an easy one person hookup solution. Also carried over are the solid, stainless steel arms with internal safety collars, and an attractive, durable powder coat finish.

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