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RV Windshield Covers by Sunguard - America's First Choice - Here's Why!

We begin with superior workmanship and materials:

Sunguard's™ are exterior mounted, the overwhelming choice...
For the greatest heat-gain reduction, we recommend exterior over interior Windshield Covers. Exterior covers are more popular, because they block the heat and sun before it reaches the glass. An exterior cover will actually reduce the windshield temperature. And subsequently, they'll cool the interior much more efficiently. Since an interior cover is located inside the windshield, it does not lower the temperature of the glass. The rubber molding that holds your RV windshield in place is also is spared the drying and damaging UV rays of the sun, as well.

Sunguard's tough woven sunscreens outlast stamped sunscreens... every time!
We highly recommend that you avoid ordinary fiberglass-based windshield covers. The sun will make the fiberglass brittle! After a couple of hot summers, a fiberglass windshield cover will crack and tear (especially where folded). Fiberglass windshield alwways carry shorter warranty periods and have low life expectancies. Fiberglass also has no elasticity to it, so it won't stretch like a Sunguard™. It's difficult to eliminate wrinkles in fiberglass, as well, and a genuine Sunguard™ is made of 100% vinyl-coated polyester, so it has tremendous elasticity to it. It will stretch to provide a "wrinkle-free" and better looking fit! A genuine Sunguard™ will not become brittle in the sun, that's why a genuine Sunguard™ carries an amazing 12-YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY!

Warning! Ordinary fiberglass windshield covers can tear easily!
Avoid "stamped" sunscreens. If a rip forms in a "stamped" screen, the rip can easily "run". To demonstrate this; imagine taking a pair of scissors and cutting a 1" slit in an ordinary windshield cover. If the screen is "stamped", as you pull the two ends of the slit apart, the screen will usually tear easily from that point. Sunguards™, however, are comprised of a rugged, "woven" polyester fabric. If you were to cut a slit in a genuine Sunguard™, and pull the two ends of the slit apart with all your strength... you would be unable to tear it! "Stamped" covers also have little or no elasticity, so they generally do not have the degree of stretch that Sunguard™ Shade Products do. It's difficult to eliminate wrinkles in a "stamped" type of windshield cover. A genuine Sunguard™ is "woven" ... and will stretch to provide a "wrinkle-free" and handsome fit!

Choose from 3 Sunguard™ Fabric Options:

Standard 85% Sunscreen
A rugged and durable 11 oz. per square yard, sunscreen is 100% vinyl-coated polyester, woven at 17 x 11 weaves per square inch and mildew resistant.

High-Density 94% Sunscreen (Our most popular fabric choice)
For extreme sun filtering, upgrade to our "94% Hi-Density,"... it's our best sunscreen! It provides better privacy, more efficient sunscreening, and greater heat-gain reduction. It also lays flatter, looks nicer, and is easier to install more wrinkle-free! Most of our customers prefer our Hi-Density Sunscreen. A rugged and durable 16 oz. per square yard, the sunscreen is made of 100% vinyl-coated polyester, woven at 25 x 23 weaves per square inch and is mildew resistant.

Solid Vinyl Sun Block
A Solid Vinyl Sunguard™ will provide 100% sun blockage, and is ideal for long-term storage. Our vinyls are rugged and durable, marine quality, and are 31 oz. per linear yard. They're coated with "Sun Guard Protective" UV resistance finish. They're mildew, oil and sulfide resistant, and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

Order with Confidence!

Sunguard's™ incredible 12-Year Warranty!
Sunguard™ products carry 12-year limited warranties for their original owners against manufacturing defects such as excessive rotting, fading, cracking, and tearing. If a Sunguard™ product becomes unusable due to a defect within 12 years, we will replace or repair the defective item at no charge.

30-Day Return Policy!
Any Sunguard™ item may be returned for any reason within 30 days, for a prompt and courteous refund, modification or exchange. Our return policy does not begin until UPS delivers the merchandise. Please call in advance, for a return control number and the correct return address. Please return products in good condition, in original boxes if possible, and with all paperwork via insured, prepaid UPS or Parcel Post. Please indicate the return control number on the shipping label. We will credit the original method of payment for the full price you paid for the merchandise returned.

Why You Need Sunguard™
Why Sunguard™ is America's First Choice!
Fabric Selection Guide
Looking Through Your Sunguards™
Color Selection Guide
Fastener Options
Photo Gallery
Simple Tutorial
Special Offer!

* In extremely minor cases of sun damage, we will repair or replace the item on a pro-rata basis. Please call in advance, for a return authorization and the correct shipping address. Please include a copy of the original sales receipt. Please ship the item(s) via insured, prepaid UPS or Parcel Post. And please indicate the return control number on your shipping label.



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