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Eclipse Automatic Awnings

Carefree's extraordinary new 12V ECLIPSE™ awning is the sturdiest power awning yet! Carefree™ wrote the book on power awnings, with more models and more owners than any other manufacturer.

The new ECLIPSE™ re-writes that book. Simply push and hold a button to extend the canopy to a partial or full 8’ in just seconds. Forget the weather forecast! Optional WindSmart™ wind detector retracts your awning automatically in high winds.

Operate your ECLIPSE™ from an optional hand-held remote control, or switch inside your RV. As the billow-proof motor unrolls the canopy, the rafter arms glide up the vertical track on the side of your coach to deploy a stable, truss-like, overhead support.

To manually retract your awning, simply push and hold the button and the awning rolls up tight against your coach. That’s it! There’s nothing to lock or latch. Alumaguard™ protects the roller and canopy.

Exclusive “Worm-Gear” drive motor locks the awning into place. Convenient “Instant Pitch Adjustment” slightly tilts the canopy to avoid water from pooling. Unique “Rain-Dump” feature releases pooled water on flat-pitch canopy.

Unlike other awnings, there is no need to level your canopy before retracting it—as it automatically levels itself (from any pitch) while it retracts! Buy a complete ECLIPSE™ or upgrade your existing Carefree™ or A&E roller assembly with a 12V ECLIPSE™ Arm Set! The ECLIPSE™ offers the highest head clearance of any vertical arm awning available. It also provides the slimmest arm profile—a mere 2”! Choose from many beautiful canopy and hardware colors


Color, Fabric and Weather Shield Guide:

8' $1,669 $1,838 $2,041
9' $1,669 $1,838 $2,041
10' $1,669 $1,838 $2,041
11' $1,669 $1,838 $2,041
12' $1,669 $1,838 $2,041
13' $1,682 $1,853 $2,041
14' $1,724 $1,908 $2,041
15' $1,745 $1,938 $2,059
16' $1,771 $1,959 $2,087
17' $1,801 $1,991 $2,114
18' $1,816 $2,016 $2,145
19' $1,843 $2,035 $2,176
20' $1,871 $2,060 $2,210
21' $1,901 $2,108 $2,244
22' $1,984
23' $1,997
24' $2,009
25' $2,029





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